Debbie, James and Florence 

Just wanted to let you know that our first baby was born on Friday October 7th. Right on her due date! We had the most amazing homebirth in a pool. The whole thing was less then 5 hours! It was everything that we wanted! Thank you so much for helping us learn the hypno techniques, clearly all the practice paid off! Much love Debbie, James and Florence.

Debbie, Matt and Grayson

Baby Grayson was born at 22:37 on Friday night weighing 6lb 8oz delivered naturally after enduring 5hrs and 40mins on the oxytocin drip.
I used hypnobirthing throughout - apparently I was very "zen". I allowed a student doctor in to our delivery suite to watch the birth and he kept using the "zen" word to describe me. I was hooked up to two machines, the drip and the baby heart monitor and the contraction monitor. I was therefore unable to move away from the bed for pretty much the whole time, was only able to detach to go to the toilet. The contraction monitor was inaccurate so I got Matt to measure the length and frequency of all my surges.

Matt spent 3 hours doing light touch massage until his shoulders were very painful.

The midwife and student doctor who were with us in the delivery room were puzzled over my inability to articulate my pain levels. I kept saying I wasn't in any pain so they struggled to gauge whether I was actually in established labour. This is what Matt tells me afterwards I didn't notice this at the time.

I lost my "zen" towards the end when it was quite unnatural with contractions running into each other lasting about 1mn30scs and no breaks in-between, I asked them to reduce the amount they were putting through the drip as it was unmanageable and I was getting dehydrated because I couldn't drink anything because I had no breaks. I used Matt's more accurate readings to help with my negotiation. They had to get a doctor to approve the reduction  on the drip, and were considering putting me on another drip to give me fluids... in the meantime they tried to give me gas and air but the valves were not connected so it was totally useless anyway... I tried 2 puffs on it, but it was pointless. Cast it to one side and carried on with birthing naturally...

Anyways, we got through it, they did turn down the drip, but then we moved into the birth phase. Tried really hard to do the birth breathing Matt said I did well, I think I could have done better. He was out in 3 or 4 pushes. Absolutely perfect he was, although did get all tangled in all my wires...

Matt cut the cord after they clamped it. M also requested they leave the placenta attached until it stopped pulsating which they also did. The placenta passed the easiest of all my births. 

Thanks for everything you did for us and helping give me the confidence to be induced and still succeed with hypnobirthing!! Thanks Debbie, Matt and Grayson.

Lisa, James and Jacob

We had our second baby using HypnoBirthing, after an experience with our first which we didn’t want to repeat. We started HypnoBirthing feeling very sceptical, but not really knowing what else to try. We had read the book, but didn’t feel that it was enough for our needs. What a difference your course made! Our daughter was born weighing 9lb 5oz, no pain relief, just HypnoBirthing techniques, an amazingly supportive partner and my inner power! It was so different to our first experience.

On reflection I think that the contractions started the day before, but I felt really relaxed. On the day our baby was born I still felt relaxed and used the breathing, some relaxation techniques and listened to some hypnosis. When I felt ready to go to the hospital I still felt relaxed and calm. When we got there I was examined and was amazed to find that I was 9cms dilated!!

We were left pretty much on our own, just as we wanted and kept the room dim and cosy. As we requested in our birth plan, there was no talk about pain or pain relief and I didn’t need any. It was so very different to our first experience. For the first time I felt like I knew what I was doing. When I felt ready I just breathed our baby down.

Our little girl is so peaceful and happy. She is the most contented baby and is great at breast feeding. It was such an amazing experience.

We cannot thank you enough. We recommend HypnoBirthing and you to everyone that we know. Thank you so much.

Sarah, Ben and Oscar
Hi Julie! Thought I'd drop you a little line to let you know, on sat morning at 8.16 am little Oscar joined this world weighing 7lb 4 oz! We love him to pieces already and are having the most wonderful time caring for him. The birth was super successful and I couldn't be happier with the way it's went. Whilst it wasn't completely pain free, it was the most intense, powerful thing ever. But at the end I felt so well that they let us leave the hospital just two and a half hours after Oscar was born! (And it was only really that long as it took the midwife ages to find a DVD that legally we had to watch before leaving-about shaking babies!)

The hypnobirthing techniques were invaluable so thank you so much. There wasn't one moment I thought 'I can't do this' and it really did help me relax in between! I laboured at home until 8 and a half centimetres so it was all systems go when we got to the hospital. They were slowly signing me in 'what's your name' 'do you have any notes' I'm thinking let me in the birthing pool now! (pretty sure I was transitioning through-out all of this!) I think they were a little shocked when they checked me and saw how far we had come! The pool was amazing, I was in there for about an hour and a half/two hours then I reached down (I was on my knees) and lifted out the little cherub from between my own legs right to my chest.

The last two hours were so so powerful but when it came to the actual pushing it was a dream, I didn't even push at all - my body did, and it was just two surges (where I felt like I was going to explode) and then there he was! I absolutely only got as far as I did at home because of all the work you did with us. I found it was best to keep it simple and mostly we stuck to the affirmations, the rainbow relaxation cd, the surge breathing with visualisation and that was it! There didn't seem time for anything else.

I started with my first surge at 8.15pm pm they came pretty regularly every ten mins ish for the first three hours (and the first two of those hours I was thinking that it was possible just practice labour) it was very exciting when they started to become more powerful and regular and I knew for sure it was happening! like I mentioned he was born at 8.16 am so it was 12 hours from very start to finish. (Pretty good hey!!) Breast feeding is going well so far!

Thank you for all your help!! A couple of pics to follow x Sarah, Ben and Oscar xx

Julie, Dan and Alexander
Our baby boy, Alexander, was born on Thursday 8th May at 5.13pm, weighing 6lb 3oz!

He was 9 days early as I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and had to be induced.  We questioned everything though (much to some staff's annoyance) and made well-informed decisions on how to proceed.  Dan was amazing both at fielding these questions in a confident and respectful manner and standing by me and our decisions when medical staff were trying to use scare tactics rather than explaining things properly.  It simply meant that we ended up talking to more experienced staff, which suited us both much better.

The surge breathing worked a treat, even with the faster/stronger surges brought on by being induced.  I managed to get to 9cm without calling out for any help, used Entonox for about 5 minutes before he started to crown then birthed using only birth breathing and encouragement from Dan and the midwife.

It was a wonderful realisation later on that I had achieved what we were aiming for and in fact had a completely natural birth with absolute minimum 'pain relief' medication.  For this I must thank you profusely for sharing your knowledge with us. I can now confidently tell people that there really is an alternative to being pumped full of drugs and this method works, or at least it definitely worked for us!

Many thanks
Julie, Dan & Alexander

Sarah Best
As planned we had our birth at home, with a birthing pool but no additional pain relief.  I would say that the final stage was a little bit harder, but still didn’t need any pain relief.  The midwife said that I was the most relaxed mum that she had ever worked with. 
Thanks for your help beforehand, I'd definitely recommend hypnobirthing, and you, to anyone.

Laura, Richard and Max Spavin
I have been telling friends how amazing giving birth naturally is!

Our son, Maxwell, was born at 1.20am weighing 9lb 4oz, no pain relief, just HypnoBirthing techniques, a great midwife, amazingly supportive Richard and my inner strength!

I went a week over my ‘due date’ and lost 'the plug', had contractions sporadically through Wednesday day and night, which picked up a bit through Thursday but I just stayed calm and chilled.  I did some walking round the garden and relaxation techniques as well as kept myself occupied with visitors!! Friday got more eventful as they were coming much more regularly, but still felt calm and in control, had an urge to get showered, wash my hair and paint my toe nails at tea time and then asked Rich to drive me to the hospital at 8pm, where they examined me and I was 9cm dilated!!

I was quite content in my own little world in a nice calm dark private room with just Richard and I.  Our midwife left us to it for the majority of time.  My waters went on the loo at around midnight and after a good few breaths down, I started to feel like I knew what I was doing! I knew exactly what to do as I let my instinct take over and thoroughly embraced and enjoyed every moment of it!

Max was born perfectly, in the way that we had planned, with minimal intervention, no hands rubbing baby other than ours, no artificial procedures, no talk or mention of pain or drugs and with Rich by my side doing exactly what I needed him to do.

Thank you for all your help in preparing us get to that stage in our lives. We can't wait to do it all again!!

With love, Laura, Richard and Max.  xxx

Katherine, James and Noah

Noah was born on the 28th of January at 2.45pm at our home. In fact I almost had him in the bath!

My labour started when I woke up at 6.30am and my membranes released. My surges were 4 minutes apart and continued to get closer together from then on. For the first 4 to 5 hours I was very relaxed and got through each surge lying on the sofa with James giving me prompts and reassurance.

Unfortunately I got up to go to the toilet and a few minutes later Janet our midwife arrived, after which I seemed to lose my focus and the surges really began to feel strong and uncomfortable. I struggled to get back to a relaxed state and moving to the bath helped.
They told me I had to move from the bath because it wasn't deep enough so I birthed Noah on the bed in the next room.... Although it took another 45 mins to birth the placenta! We had an hour cuddling while Noah looked at both me and James with one eye open.

They took Noah and weighed him and I couldn't believe it when they told me he weighed a whopping 9lb11! And I didn't even need stitches! Janet our midwife assured me that she has seen a lot of births and said that I was amazingly calm. When she came back to visit she said I was the talk of the town.

On reflection, I think that I may have had some surges the night before, which I then slept through, it wasn’t until they were about 4 minutes apart the next day that I really noticed them.  One piece of advice I would give other people is not to expect the surges to necessarily start too far apart... So don't expect to have time to do the full rainbow relaxation cd before the next surge arrives!

Noah is an amazingly calm baby. He is so tolerant when we change him and settles easily.

Thank you so much for all your help I don't think that things would have gone the way they did without your support...
Thank you again for everything you've done for us!

Katherine James and Noah

Lydia and Mark
We had our little boy on Tuesday. The hypnobirthing techniques were brilliant!!

We used them to help turn baby when he was breech, just using visualisation; to stop early labour at 31 weeks by using the calm breathing techniques, and during labour at 42 weeks when I was induced.

HypnoBirthing gave us the confidence to challenge consultants and midwives advice to ensure it really was best for baby and I. I only needed some gas and air, even when midwives were keen for me to get an epidural on board when contractions were on top of each other.

Labour only lasted 5hr 20 minutes from start to finish. I avoided a c section, so I could not be happier .

Thank you for all of your help!